About MPC

About MPC: History

The single largest private employer in the Bronx, Montefiore Medical Center depended then, as it depends now, on the stability of its community. Montefiore has long maintained that health involves more than treating sickness – that it is also partially responsible for protecting the individual’s security and overall well-being, through an interest in education, job availability and adequate housing. Such a sense of obligation led Montefiore to establish Mosholu Preservation Corporation in 1981, intended as a powerful antidote to widespread housing deterioration and abandonment in Norwood.

MPC, an independent not-for-profit corporation, got its start as a buyer and renovator of decaying property, and a catalyst for reinvestment in a strengthened private market. Over the past 31 years, with help from development projects and generous benefactors, it has since grown into a multi- directional force for preservation and pride in the Northwest Bronx.

Its influence is felt in the improved security Norwood residents find on their shopping strips and home streets; in clean, welcoming parks that provide places to play and congregate; in an award-winning newspaper that keeps residents informed on local news and community issues; and in countless other projects that contribute to making Norwood and surrounding areas a better place to live, work, shop, go to school, and relax. MPC manages the free local news paper the Norwood News and the Jerome Avenue-Gun Hill Road Business Improvement District (BID), which started with strong merchant organization support. The BID provides property and business owners with a vehicle to address common commercial district problems. In addition, MPC has conducted numerous neighborhood beautification projects at parks and green-spaces throughout the Northwest Bronx. Based on its esteemed history, MPC will surely continue to be a force for betterment for many years to come.